Founder Message


Believing in forward thinking and deep analytics based on factual accuracy, Ali Hammoud carved his way into the business world, with kaizen mindset and unquenchable erudition, he decided to draw on his 20+ years expertise in multi-million-dollar firms in GCC, Jordan and Egypt to assist business owners boost their day-to-day operations, re-organize their business model and increase their business capabilities.

Hammoud Consultancy believes in beyond the borders of the known. With the young, fresh mentality, Hammoud Consultancy is there for entrepreneurs, assuring that there is always a better way. Best do not exist in the lexicon, because there is always better, and deep is only an ongoing action of digging into the matters. Figures are not only numbers, and reports are not only accounts but rather the past, upon which the promising future is foreseeable.

Hammoud Consultancy