HR Consultancy

HR Consultancy helps SMEs in all that is related to manpower and fulfilment of HR needs based on the latest market demands and the company’s needs, working to define the points to-be-developed and requirements to reach the defined goals.

Our scope of services includes and is not limited to:

  • Policies Development:
  • For established companies that suffer from policy gaps and need analysis, revision, and development or new companies who need to figure out the most suitable path and streamline HR policies for their firms.

  • Optimizing Recruitment Process:
  • Reducing cost and time whilst employing the most effective tools to meet all the prospects of hiring procedures from hunting the exact match and fit for the role to staff orientation and boarding.

  • Job Planning:
  • Setting job description, physical personal and professional requirements for each job, identifying duties and responsibilities, performing a job evaluation process, and establishing job grading levels, criteria, position, and pricing.

  • Administrative Solutions:
  • Advising on payroll, performance, grievance and leave management systems to ensure simplified and smooth process depending on the business niche.

  • HR Compliance:
  • Helping business models abide by regulations and laws such as labor laws. Assisting in the Bookkeeping, licensing, and different governmental inspections as well as providing advisory services on compliances and associated tasks.

Hammoud Consultancy