Learning and Development

We believe in Kaizen mentality, where continuous development is not just a moto but a lifelong setting mode. As professionals we provide a set of training programs tailored according to the client’s specific needs and based on a deep analysis of the performance gaps to reach the much deeper problem to actually solve the rooted causes:

Communication & Soft Skills Training

  • Business Ethics & Etiquette
  • Public Speaking
  • Communication, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
  • Problem Solving
  • Decision Making
  • Time Management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Corporate Politics and Art of Influence

Technical Training

  • Project Management
  • Strategic and Critical Thinking
  • Data-Driven Decision Making and Analysis
  • Microsoft Office Advanced skills.
  • Business Writing

Leadership Training

  • Boosting Employees Performance
  • Planning and Delegating Projects
  • Solving Problems & Dealing with Change
  • Leading Innovation & Conflict Resolution
  • Virtual Leadership & Building Trust and Respect
  • Understanding Personality Types

Marketing Management

  • Understanding Customer Motivations
  • Integrated Digital Marketing
  • Predictive Analytics and Predictive Modelling
  • Developing a Growth Strategy

HR Management

  • HR Current Supply and Demand Forecast
  • Selection and Recruitment of an Employee
  • Employee Performance Management
  • Effective Meeting Techniques
  • Avoiding Key Mistakes in HRM
  • Negotiation, Mediation & Conflict Resolution
  • Applying HRM Best Practices


  • Spin Selling and Solution Selling
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Creating Demand for a Product
  • Emotional Intelligence

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